Paridhi Group is blessed with the trust of many in the silver trading industry when it comes to providing the best price for your precious ornaments. We have presence across Delhi-NCR with round-the-clock assistance. Our experienced silver evaluators charge zero-evaluation fee for your jewelry. We use German XRF Laser Machines for testing your jewelry, with no weight-loss, no colour-loss, no deformity of your jewelry guaranteed. Paridhi keeps a close check at secured and transparent payments systems being followed in all our payments.

Paridhi Traders is an age-old name with expertise in offering the best value for your cherished silver jewelry. Gifting silver is considered as a symbol of blessing in Indian ceremonies and silver coins are the most used souvenir in special festivals. We strive to assist every customer who is thinking to sell their precious silver possessions at the best price. We wish to extend our help to you in making the most money for your old articles. Old or new, we buy any article of silver.

With an outreach across Delhi-NCR, we serve to buy your precious silver jewelry with the right technology installed for genuine evaluation. Every endeavour of ours is directed towards bringing utmost satisfaction to our clients. That has been the driving force behind making a free pick and drop service provider for your jewelry’s hassle-free evaluation procedures.

Our 24x7 web and call assistance makes your dream of getting the highest amount for your jewelry an easy procedure. Fill your pockets with highest offer-price for your jewelry instantly via cash or any other preferred mode of payment that is acceptable to you. serving you once is not our motto; we strive to work harder to provide you the best this trading industry has to offer for your most-priced possession. Building bonds at Paridhi is an age-old legacy that has helped us make a mark in the trading industry and earn the reputation that we enjoy today, as against other contenders. We’ll be happy if we can be of any service to you. Reach out today!

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