Our certified and experienced Diamond evaluators on the panel provide you with free evaluation of your diamond jewellery with 24x7 assistance. With assistance across Delhi-NCR, we believe in providing prompt and secured IMPS/ RTGS payments. Pan-National Capital presence allow us to reach the remotest of the consumer with utmost customer satisfaction. Long gone are the days when diamonds were considered mere stones with zero-resale value. People in early days were not quite diamond-friendly to say so as they thought there’s no purpose of buying Diamonds, if it is of no value post-purchase.

This ideation changed drastically over the past few decades with globalisation and a stark shift in the purchasing choices were seen in the market, which was in favour of Diamond and Diamond jewelry. Not just Diamonds add beauty to the owners’ appearance, they are a great way to reflect your inner beauty as well. And adding to the good news, Diamonds have a great market resale value today.

As the market value for these precious stones differ with time and changing economic dynamics of the nation. In reference to present times, the value of diamonds is expected to rise and is ranked way above a lot of other valuable metals and precious stone counterparts. The trick to nailing the best deal at resale is by hitting at the right resale trader like us, where you are sure to get the highest value for your diamonds along with authentic valuation at no-cost. Our team of expert evaluators put in their hard-earned experience and knowledge in gauging the correct value of your article and thereby offering you an instant lucrative offer.

Selling diamonds is neither easy nor tough when you reach out the us as we’re ranked among the pioneers of digital trading. We commit ourselves to providing the highest value for your product with best customer service, so that a long-term bond is built between you and our brand.

The key to value diamonds is its rarity as not every stone is similar. This unique character is measured by the 4 C’s of the diamond: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat (weight). As the fine cut stone has the most sparkle and is always valued higher. On receiving your valued item, our team of certified diamond evaluators undergo a process of proper evaluation via German XRF tech-machines, installed for utmost precision in quality-testing procedures.

We value your time, that’s the reason we provide quick home-service for easy pick and drop and hassle-free evaluation procedures done in a matter of minutes. There’s nothing better than getting a great price quote instantly and be paid in cash or any preferred mode of payment that suits you. Do not wait! Call Paridhi Now for highest offer-price.

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