Paridhi has earned a name of repute in Delhi-NCR, with an expertise in trading and providing the best price for your precious Gold coins and others. We offer 24x7 assistance with zero-cost evaluation of your gold coin across national capital. Our team of certified Gold evaluators on the panel deploy German XRF Laser machines for testing. This assures no weight-loss, no colour-loss, no deformity of your coin while testing. We do not recommend melting of the coin, unlike other traders. Offering the best price is our culture and consumer satisfaction our stride.

If you have gold coins that you’d like to sell, we recommend to try us as we are committed to offer competitive prices for gold coins, bars and other items. Payment are prompt and your gold coin is fully secured throughout the evaluation process.

With gold prices being at record high, many people with gold coins, jewelry and other gold articles are looking to sell them to take advantage of high prices and free up cash. Selling gold coins at Paridhi is relatively a simple process as against any other trader. Gold coins are more of a niche item and are a type of gold bullion (gold bullion coins). They’re usually treated as investment or store of value, rather than a consumer gold item.

At Paridhi, we strive to provide our customers with the best-in-class services that we can offer right from free-evaluation to secure payments. Since gold prices soaring high, today is the right time to sell your gold coins for cash and make highest money possible. Trust us with secured and instant payment in cash or any other preferred mode of payment. Call us now!

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