Paridhi Gold Traders Limited is ranked India’s No.1 Gold Buying Company. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Public Limited Company. Established in 1991, Paridhi Gold Traders is the pioneer brand for introducing the novel concept of buying gold at Online market price. With time and mouth publicity, we have grown into a reliable business venture and have become the topmost Gold Buyer, Diamond Buyer, Silver Buyer and Best Gold Loan company in India.

The International Gold market has evolved with every passing day worldwide, so did our clientele. Looking at the vague inaccurate methods of valuation by the local jewellers that our clients were facing difficulty with, leading to poor satisfaction. Paridhi came forward, being the first of its kind trading company, with latest best-in-class laser machines to value your precious gold, silver and diamonds. With the latest XRF machines for gold valuation and offering the highest value for your gold, Paridhi is proud to become a household name in the gold trading industry. Showered with awards and appreciation, we have become humble and zealous in our endeavour to providing the best of services to our valued clients.

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Paridhi Gold Traders is committed to serve to best of our abilities by providing the best offer price to our valued customers. Every consumer reaches out to us in hope of earning the maximum benefit, so why not appraise their effort and reward them with the highest that is possible in regards their jewlery valuation. Our values and principles constitute what we as a brand stand today. A name of repute in Delhi-NCR and a satisfied customer base push us to deliver to the best of our capabilities. Providing high-value solutions for our customers used or unused jewelry and other precious articles give us the momentum to continue serving them even-better quality service.

We continuously look for improvement in our work process and look for every better way to assist our clients achieve profit. We strive to remain conscious with our surroundings to not impact our work efficacy and assure that secrecy is maintained to the utmost during the process. We do not allow for any fraudulent activity nor we support them and are also against buying any stolen valuables.


Brand Paridhi started out as the pioneer in providing first-of-its-kind digital assistance round-the-clock for selling their precious articles to its customers. Making it a household name is our top priority and offering complete satisfaction to customers our mission. We plan to provide effective services right from the beginning, that help benefit everyone in the process.

We regard our consumers, an integral part of our Paridhi family and are committed to offer superior price and help them during the times of their financial needs when they need it the most. In addition, we hope to look deeper into our customer relationships to make a positive lasting bond with them and facilitate the same service throughout the time of our association.